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Bar shell black stained beech. Wooden base, H75cm, black stained beech, non-stackable.

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Komplot Design

Komplot Design

Founded in 1987, Komplot Design, a partnership of Poul Christiansen & Boris Berlin, has designed furniture and created multidisciplinary design soluions for both Danish and international companies. Their Gubi chair design has been displayed in important exhibitions, such as MoMA, 2004 and has won several prestigious awards, including The Danish Design Prize 2004 and the RED DOT Design Award 2004.

"We believe that through design history, many traditions within the field have been preoccupied with the idea of total control over function, form, material and so on. This striving for control of our surroundings is probably a typical urge of Western culture, being both its principal strength and its greatest failing. Instead of fighting against "mistakes" by forcing the material to behave "perfectly" (often against its nature), we choose to accept the way the material "wants" to behave, the way its nature tells it to move..."

Komplot Design created a new series of dining tables and center bases for the Gubi chair in 2013.


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The wooden shell is made of moulded 3-D veneer and is available in American walnut, oak and black stained beech.

The four-leg wooden base comes in oak, American walnut and black stained beech.

H: 74/87.5 x L: 47 x W: 44 cm.